Drive-Away Services

Drive-away transport is a great option for loads that you don’t want to hire a whole tractor and trailer for. Some vehicles are tall enough that, if transported on a trailer, they would require expensive trailers and overheight permits. For these vehicles, it’s more cost-effective to hire one of our experienced, professional drivers to fly to your point of origin and drive the vehicle to your destination. With this option, you save plenty of time and money.

Why Drive-Away Transport?

There are many reasons why overheight loads are more expensive. For one, route calculation becomes significantly more difficult. There are many bridges over highways across the United States that have too low of a clearance to accommodate tall loads and vehicles. Routing around these low bridges increases travel time and therefore the money you have to spend on transport. Also, overheight loads often require you to organize multiple costly pilot vehicles, greatly increasing the cost of the haul. With more people working on your haul and more vehicles involved, the cost to you increases greatly.

For these reasons, is happy to offer a drive-away transport service for your vehicles over 12 feet tall. We want to get you the best service for the lowest price. For vehicles like utility trucks, boom trucks, and cranes, this service will get you your vehicle quickly without needing to purchase expensive permits.

Our drivers have the mechanical experience to handle your vehicle with the care it requires. They will work with our extraordinary team of dispatchers to figure out the perfect route for your vehicle. The team will set your vehicle up with a temporary license plate, temporary insurance, and any permits it requires to legally drive on the highway. After that, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your vehicle to show up at your preferred destination.’s drive-away transport service is the perfect solution for powered, overheight vehicles. Instead of paying a steep price to haul a vehicle that can drive itself, use one of our excellent drivers to get your vehicle where it needs to go.