Flatbed Stretch Specifications

Flatbed stretch trailers are mainly used for carrying very long loads that will not fit on a standard flatbed trailer. They are also commonly known as extendable or extended flatbed trailers. These trailers provide extra support for your loads, preventing potentially dangerous overhang.

The limits on permissible overhang vary depending on each state’s vehicle code. Our team knows these regulations inside and out, and will happily assist you in getting any permits you may need. We will also assist you with any inspections your state may require.

The maximum carrying capacity and typical dimensions of a flatbed stretch trailer are below:

Freight Dimensions

Maximum Trailer Length 80 ft.
Maximum Trailer Width 8 ft. 6 in.
Maximum Legal Freight Height 8 ft. 6 in.
Maximum Freight Weight 43,000 lbs.

Potential Uses

Flatbed stretch trailers are perfect for long, non-divisible loads. Many building materials and structures, such as risers, concrete columns, bridge beams, flare stacks, and derricks, are shipped on these trailers daily. Pipes and lumber also wind up on these trailers often.


  • Length: Extends to 80’
  • Minimum Size: 48’ x 102” closed; open 80’; A/R
  • Maximum Size: 53’ x 102” closed; open 90’; A/R

Flatbed Stretch Trailers from AMPMHeavyHaulers.com

AMPMHeavyHaulers.com has the right trailer to fit your needs. Whatever the specifications of your load, we have a trailer that can handle it. Our dispatch team has over a decade of experience matching loads to the right trailers for their needs. Flatbed stretch trailers can sometimes be difficult to come by, but we will make sure that your load gets the trailer it needs. Other oversize trucking companies don’t have the qualifications and history that we do. Call us today at (800) 398-5905 and let our excellent team work for you and your business!