Heavy Equipment Hauling

Heavy equipment is the backbone of our country. From construction equipment to agricultural vehicles and everything in between, heavy equipment helps us get difficult tasks done. AMPMHeavyHaulers.com knows how essential these vehicles are to our country’s functioning. That’s why we ensure that every piece of heavy equipment that you entrust to us will get where it needs to go on time and in excellent shape. If you have a problem that only a huge piece of equipment can solve, then we can get it where it needs to go.

We have the tools to ship your heavy equipment.

AMPMHeavyHaulers.com has an excellent fleet of trailers that provides you with a variety of options for your equipment transport. Whether your vehicle uses continuous tracks or specialized tires to get around, our trailers will provide plenty of traction to keep them in place. We take pains to understand the specifications of your load and use our extensive experience to make the right choices for your equipment.

Our dispatchers are trained to match your load’s needs with the perfect truck and trailer. They are also well aware of each state’s rules and requirements about permits, escort vehicles, and operation times. Once we’ve calculated the perfect route for your load, our dispatchers will get in touch with a driver with the right equipment for your load. They will communicate which regulations the driver will need to follow, including pilot car regulations, and which route will best serve them.

Our drivers have years of experience driving all over the US and will utilize their knowledge to get your heavy equipment where it needs to be. They have been hauling heavy loads of all shapes and sizes since they had to use the Thomas Guide to get to their destination. And their knowledge extends to loading, unloading, and securing your equipment. They will make sure that nothing happens to it in transit. After all, you don’t want to transport your highway construction vehicle all the way to your site just to find that its intricate machinery was damaged on the road. That’s why AMPMHeavyHaulers.com guarantees that your equipment will arrive in the exceptional condition that we receive it in. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your equipment in perfect working order.

Since 2005, AMPMHeavyHaulers.com has transported all kinds of heavy vehicles all over the country. We have worked closely with the DOTs of every state to ensure we are up to date with all of the rules and regulations surrounding heavy hauls. So, trust us to transport your heavy equipment anywhere in the US. With our exceptional service, you will know that your equipment is in the right hands.

And, if you need hauling for heavy machinery, we can handle that too!