Heavy Machinery Hauling

Shipping industrial equipment is tricky. With such large and heavy machinery, it’s important to make sure that everybody involved in the process understands safety and security. AMPMHeavyHaulers.com knows how hard it can be to find quality professionals who you can trust to transport your specialized equipment. So, we set out to create the hands-down best and most secure heavy hauling service in the nation. From our dispatch agents to our drivers, we built our team to make sure your heavy machinery arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

Exceptional hauling of all heavy machinery

Are you concerned about your shippers having the right equipment to get the job done? Our network of carriers is huge, ensuring that we’ll always have someone who can get the job done properly. Our dispatchers know exactly what a given load needs based on its specifications and will match your load to the right carrier. Worried about your equipment not being secured well enough? Our drivers dedicate themselves to safety and have the experience needed to properly secure your machinery. They know how to perform lift-on/lift-off loading and unloading safely and quickly. Unsure about the route calculations of other heavy haulers? Our dispatchers have the experience to find you the best route every time. They’ve been doing this since the Thomas Guide was all the rage, so you know they have the knowledge to get it done.

Heavy machinery often weighs well into the range of 100 or more tons and is too wide for standard hauling practices. These mean that the requirements for heavy machines are different from those of your standard heavy haul. We will assist you in getting the right permits, whether they be overwidth, overweight, or even superload permits. Our team will also provide you with any pilot vehicles and signage you may need to be in compliance with local and federal laws. On top of that, we will use our vast collection of trailers to find one that can safely handle your load, no matter what dimensions it may have. We have all the tools to get the job done right.

Every piece of heavy machinery has its own unique shipping needs. Whether your company does mining, construction, or some other heavy industry, we know what you need. Our team has worked since 2005 to amass a wealth of experience and knowledge for anybody that needs our services. And, if we haven’t helped someone out in your specific industry, we’ll be sure to listen to every special parameter you need us to meet. No matter what our clientele needs, we strive to make it so they get it the way they want it.

If you’re still unsure about our commitment to helping your business work, then don’t hesitate to call or email us today. We can ship anything you need, including pieces of heavy equipment like diggers. We look forward to working with you!