Roll-on/Roll-off Loading and Unloading

One of the many advantages of having a heavy vehicle that can drive itself is how easy it is to load these vehicles onto trailers. Roll-on/roll-off loading, or RORO, is our easiest and most efficient method of loading onto one of our excellent trailers. While it is easier than other methods, it takes a professional touch to ensure that the vehicle is properly and securely loaded onto the trailer. That’s why you should trust our exceptional team to properly load and unload your heavy equipment, RV, bus, or other heavy vehicle!

How Does RORO Work?

We perform roll-on/roll-off loading and unloading by using a Landoll trailer. Landoll trailers use a hydraulic lift system to lower their decks to the ground at an angle. This lowering creates a ramp, allowing vehicles that can move under their own power to load and unload quickly. Loading and unloading is one of the few parts of the heavy hauling process whose duration can be reduced, and this is the way to do it.

Landoll trailers have other benefits as well. They are the most customizable kind of trailer, as you can adjust their length and height to accommodate any load. And all of this comes without sacrificing their carrying capacity. Though they are more expensive than a standard flatbed, there are many reasons to choose a Landoll trailer.

Roll-on/roll-off cuts down on the lengthy process of loading and unloading massive equipment by crane. Powered vehicles can be loaded and unloaded much quicker this way, which means more time for you to do the things you need to do. If you have a heavy vehicle that you’re looking to ship, we will happily roll it on and off as quickly as possible.

If you need to schedule a heavy haul of a powered vehicle, has the tools to get the job done right. Our team will make sure to do the job quickly while maintaining our professional dedication to safety. Of course, not all heavy hauls are capable of driving onto a trailer. For loads that don’t power themselves, our lift-on/lift-off loading and unloading will get them where they need to be.