RV Hauling

RV owners know that their vehicles are special. They’re their home away from home, their vacation in a vehicle. As such, RV owners understandably want only the best for their RVs. Who could blame them?

AMPMHeavyHaulers.com knows that RVs require special care and attention during the shipping process. There are many delicate internal processes that RVs need to keep functioning as smoothly as possible. That’s why we are committed to keeping your RV safe and secure throughout the entire hauling process. If you ask us to ship your vehicle, you’ll know it’s in good hands.

Our drivers are dedicated to safety. They’ll make sure your RV is properly secured before the transport process and will check periodically throughout to make sure nothing has come loose. We pick our drivers carefully to make sure they are careful, attentive drivers who won’t speed or drive recklessly, so you know that everything inside your RV will be as safe and secure as the outside. We can ship your RV whether it’s running or not, though an RV that isn’t running will cost more to ship. With AMPMHeavyHaulers.com, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll get all the proper permits needed to ship your RV safely where it needs to go.

We’ve shipped RVs from salvage auctions all over the country. If you win an auction on a site like IAAI.com, Copart.com, or Ritchie Bros., we can pick your new RV up and transport it wherever it needs to go. Our team has the skills and expertise to haul any heavy vehicle anywhere in the continental US. And, we will handle any permitting needs your RV may have, ensuring that you don’t run into any regulatory troubles.

No job is too big or too small for us. Whether you’re hauling your RV across the entire country, or you just need to get it to a mechanic, we’re the perfect company to fulfill all your transportation needs. Our team of haulers has experience shipping all kinds of recreational vehicles. From travel trailers to mobile homes, our shipping service can’t be beat!

Bus Hauling

Buses are difficult vehicles to transport. They’re large and specialized, and they can’t be disassembled into smaller parts. So, what happens if you need to transport a bus? Do you just trust anyone and hope for the best?

No way! You should put your trust in the professionals at AMPMHeavyHaulers.com! With our years of experience and top-of-the-line service, you won’t have to cross your fingers. You’ll know that you’re getting the finest bus shipping service out there. We know everything there is to know about buses and all of their specific shipping needs. Why not trust the true pros?

We ship all sorts of heavy machinery around the country, so you can be sure that we’ll take good care of your bus. Shipping large, non-divisible machines is our specialty. Our team of drivers is well-equipped to handle buses of any size. Need a long school bus sent across town? We will happily set it up with a long RGN or step deck trailer and send it off. What about a small tourist bus that needs to go across the country? It’s not a problem for us. Our team is more than capable of giving your bus the excellent treatment that it deserves. We want to make you happy, so we’ll do whatever we need to do to exceed your expectations.

No matter how you came to own your city bus, limousine, Sprinter van, or other large vehicle, we can help you transport it anywhere. Many of our clients purchase old buses at salvage auctions and call us to haul them from the auction site to their new home. If you bought your new ride at a dealership, we can help with that, too. Our drivers are experienced with this kind of heavy hauling and are well aware that these vehicles require special attention. They will give your bus the attention it deserves so it arrives looking just like the day you bought it.

Our drivers are the best in the business. AMPMHeavyHaulers.com is dedicated to ensuring that we exceed your expectations. Shipping a bus does not have to be a troubling process. But, if you trust in a subpar shipping company that promises the moon but can’t deliver, you’ll find yourself wishing that you had gone with AMPMHeavyHaulers.com. So don’t risk it! Call us today to learn more about our incredible service.