Step Deck Trailer – Drop Deck Trailer

Step deck, or drop deck, trailers are a version of flatbed trailers for taller loads. They consist of a top deck, which is the step from which they get their name, and a lower main deck. The main deck has a lower clearance off the ground. Step deck trailers are therefore designed to haul freight that is too tall for a standard flatbed.

Step decks are well-equipped to haul freight of all kinds over long distances. These trailers can accommodate a wide variety of dimensions. Tall loads, including heavy-duty equipment, vehicles, and turbines, are commonly shipped using these trailers.

Freight Specifications

Maximum Step Deck Trailer Length 53 ft. (11 ft. on top deck)
Maximum Step Deck Trailer Width 8 ft. 6 in.
Maximum Legal Freight Height 10 ft.
Maximum Hauling Capacity 48,000 lbs.

Common Loads

Step deck trailers can be useful for a variety of loads. Their low clearance off the ground makes them a common choice for overheight loads of all shapes and sizes. And the top deck provides a bit of extra carrying capacity for things like tires, small containers, or even entire vehicles. Step-deck trailers are commonly used in industries such as lumber, steel, oil, and construction.


Minimum Size: 51’ x 102” A/R tri-axle; 40’ bottom deck with container locks (20’s & 40’s); 11’ top

Maximum Size: 53’ x 102” A/R; closed tandem, spread axle & tri-axle; 42’ bottom deck & 11’ top

Deck heights range from 35” to 42”.

There are many options for step deck trailers. These include single drop decks and double drop decks, double drop trailers with detachable decks, lowboy flatbeds, stretch drop decks, and stretch double drop deck trailers.

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